Servicing your Whiskers

Preventative Healthcare

With our Whiskers Wellness Club you can conveniently spread the cost of preventative care over the year, with the added benefit of home delivery and regular checkups! Alongside pet health insurance, you have the full spectrum covered – the preventable and routine, and the unexpected accident or disease risk.

Puppy and Kitten packages

For those not wishing to commit to the yearly plan, we offer packages to get your new friend set up with their Primary Vaccination Course to include Kennel Cough (for dogs), parasite protection, microchipping (for cats), a long appointment with a Veterinary Surgeon to meet and greet, including a new starter bag!

Neutering packages

There are no corners cut with our neutering package, true to our practice values we make sure all our patients receive a tailored anaesthetic approach, local anaesthesia, pain relief to go home with and lots of snuggles to make them feel comfortable.


In house imaging is key to our practice week, both ultrasonography and radiography are invaluable to our Whiskers’ workups, and we are lucky to have top imaging equipment, making for a superior experience and functionality.


Poor dentition can cause a decreased quality of life while also predisposing to a plethora of related health conditions. We have prioritised our dental protocols to provide leading techniques including the use of routine radiography, key to our decision making.


At Whiskers, we are able to run all routine laboratory procedures, providing speed, convenience and accuracy.

Surgical Facilities

We are proud to have a fully equipped and dedicated sterile theatre, a pleasure to use and always set ready to go for any emergency.

Nurse Consultations

It is commonly unknown that the Veterinary Nurse is still not a protected title, this allows practices to use trained lay people to perform anaesthetics, consultations and other care procedures . It is important to Whiskers Vets that we employ only Qualified and Registered Veterinary Nurses and as such are one of the only practices in the area to boast a full team of RVNs, not just that, they are all very experienced and nice to talk to too!

Animal Health Certificate

We are rare! With three Veterinary Surgeons all being Official Veterinarians – we are able to provide our registered clients with a Pet Travel service.

Chicken Vet Practice

As a registered Chicken Friendly practice we welcome our feathered friends – even if they don’t have Whiskers!

A Convenient Service

Above all, we are keen to make sure our practice is as convenient as possible while still looking after our team. We honour some of the longest opening hours in the area from 8am until 7pm at night, with appointments throughout the day. And there’s more… there’s plenty of parking just outside!


Some of our services are listed below with their associated pricing.

Consultation Initial
Dog booster £57.74
Kennel cough vaccine £26.76
Cat booster £66.14
Microchip £28.88
Cat castrate £86.63
Cat spay £115.50
Dog castrate £213.67 to £346.50
Dog spay £294.53 to £415.80
Animal health certificate £262.50
Written prescription £22.06
Primary vaccination course
for both cat and dog
Puppy or kitten package £120.00